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The live chat should update every few seconds. If it does not, then click on
the REFRESH link inside the cbox to see the latest entries. No registration
needed, but is recommended if you'd like to register your nickname so that
others cannot use it. If you do not register your nickname, then your nickname
will expire after about 20 minutes when you depart livechat. To register your
which is below the GO button. A window
will appear asking you if you'd like to register your nickname. Enter a password
that you will remember,
then click the button. You must MAKE AT LEAST
ONE POST with that nickname in order for the registration to stick.

This is a FREE-FOR-ALL chat, so you can discuss anything you would like.
Although this live chat is un-moderated, please respect others. Occasionally I
may remove posts considered vial or of bad taste, but seldom will that happen.
For help using the live chat, you may click the HELP link below the GO button.
You may post links in this live chat, but please keep in mind that there are minors
viewing/posting here as well. Links to porn will not be tolerated. Click all links
at your own risk. To report anything offensive, CLICK HERE, and email a report
of the offensive post, including user who posted the post, time, and what the
offensive text and/or link was. This live chat is totally free, and is here for
everyone. Enjoy your stay....and...Happy Chatting!!

Admin/Moderator: Nicknames In Blue.
Registered Users: Nicknames In Red.
Unregistered Users: Nicknames In Orange.

For hot topics and great fun, visit the official Sony Spiderman message board.

This live chat was put together for visitors of the Sony Spiderman message board,
and is in no way owned or ran by Sony or its partners. You do not have to be a
member of the Sony message board in order to join in live chat. It is for everyone
who wants to chat live with other Spiderman fans. Anyone can join in, regardless
of where you post at or where you live. So, enjoy!

:shrug = :clap = :yeah = :bang = :ok = :hi = :stupid = :cheers = :dance = :lol =
:roll = :web = :hop = :battle = :lies = :off = :2cents = :artist = :rock = :wave = :slug1 = :slug2 = :ignore = :wow = :sarcasm = :board = :ass = :drama = :google = :heart = :guitar = :sorry =

More smilies can be found by
clicking on the smilies link in
the message area.

The above Spiderman animations
were created by the owner of this
website, for use only at this site,
and are not included in the graphic
theatre collection. If you use these
animations on other websites,
a link to this site must be provided,
or you will be asked to remove the
images. Please adhere to the
copyright notice at the bottom
of the page. Thanks!

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